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State ex rel. Camaco, L.L.C. v. Albu (Slip Opinion) 2015-0036Workers' compensation-Violation of a specific safety requirement-Ohio Adm.Code 4123:1-5-17(G)(1)(a)(i)-Protective headgear must be provided whenever employees are required to be in places where their heads are exposed to potential hazards-Employer's argument was not waived-An employer does not face liability for violation of a specific safety requirement when it did not know of the specific danger requiring a safety device-Court of appeals' judgment denying writ of mandamus reversed and limited writ granted.DeWine, J.Slip Opinion No. 2017-Ohio-7569
State ex rel. Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Servs., Inc. v. Indus. Comm. (Slip Opinion) 2015-1074Workers' compensation-Industrial Commission does not have authority to award permanent-partial-disability compensation under R.C. 4123.57(A) to an injured worker who is receiving permanent-total-disability compensation pursuant to R.C. 4123.58 in the same claim-Court of appeals' judgment reversed and writ granted.Kennedy, J.Slip Opinion No. 2017-Ohio-7577
Columbus City Schools Bd. of Edn. v. Franklin Cty. Bd. of Revision (Slip Opinion) 2015-2105Taxation-Real-property valuation-Sale price in sale/leaseback transaction was not indicative of property value-Decision of the Board of Tax Appeals reversed.O'Donnell, J.Slip Opinion No. 2017-Ohio-7578
NWD 300 Spring, L.L.C. v. Franklin Cty. Bd. of Revisions (Slip Opinion) 2016-0102Taxation-Real-property valuation-Board of Tax Appeals' adoption of valuation found in board of education's appraisal was reasonable and lawful-Decision affirmed.O'Connor, C.J.Slip Opinion No. 2017-Ohio-7579
09/14/2017 Case Announcements  Merit decisions with opinions-Motion and procedural rulings-Disciplinary cases-Miscellaneous dismissals.