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State ex rel. R&L Carriers Shared Servs., L.L.C. v. Indus. Comm. (Slip Opinion) 2016-0632Workers' compensation-Industrial Commission's decision granting permanent-total-disability compensation was supported by some evidence-Commission is not required to consider claimant's failure to participate in retraining when disability is based solely on medical impairment-Ohio Adm.Code 4121-3-09(A)(2) does not require commission to authorize depositions of witnesses.Per CuriamSlip Opinion No. 2017-Ohio-5833
Cleveland v. Oles (Slip Opinion) 2016-0172Constitutional law-Fifth Amendment to United States Constitution-Article I, Section 10 of Ohio Constitution-Placement of a suspect in front seat of a police vehicle during a traffic stop does not alone determine whether suspect has been subjected to custodial interrogation such that Miranda warnings were required-Relevant inquiry is whether, under totality of circumstances, a reasonable person in suspect's position would have understood himself to be in custody-Appellee was not subjected to custodial interrogation because intrusion by trooper was minimal, questioning and detention were brief, and interaction was nonthreatening and nonintimidating-Judgment affirming suppression of appellee's statements reversed and cause remanded.O'Connor, C.J.Slip Opinion No. 2017-Ohio-5834
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